Ethics At Workplace

A highly visual multi-level Flow-based scenario course with English narration.

Each office environment has their own communication and methods of conducting business. With Tesseract’s “Ethics in at the Workplace” online eLearning course sample, you can create a highly visual course ready in minutes. Additionally, this course contains audio narration alongside text descriptions.

The course begins with the narrator inviting the learner to look at a scenario. An image of a modern glass walled office, complete with bird and traffic noises, lay the foundation for the setting. A text box slides in from the left as the scene transitions into the building with a shadow “walking” past (with footstep sounds) a frosted glass office meeting room.  

Inside, “Meeting Room 1”, a static realistic looking boss character is shown with a speech bubble that says, “Guys, we really need to impress this client!”. Animated steam can be seen coming from the coffee mug on the meeting room table.  Another transition, and the boss character is shown with a serious face, at the head of the table flanked by two employees. The narration explains that Anna’s boss has called for a team meeting where all teams members were asked to make a unique sales pitch presentation for a perspective client.

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The focus shifts to the right, where the main character, Anna sits pensively with a thought bubble above her head that says, “Promotion!”. The narrator emphasises this thought saying that Anna needed to do a good job to get a promotion. The scene cuts to Anna sitting with a co-worker looking at a computer monitor. The narrator goes on to explain that Anna had been working closely with a co-worker, Jason, and she was impressed with his presentation, but her work seemed inadequate. Through this small shift in scene, the static character, Anna, goes through three different facial expressions to reflect the scenario. A thought bubble appears as Anna thanks, “I know how I can get that promotion!”

Back again to “Meeting Room 1” and the narrator explains that Anna presented the sales pitch to a happy client. The scene transitions to Jason thinking, “That’s my presentation!”. The narrator continues to explain that Anna’s actions resulted in her termination.  

After the story concludes, the narrator reads the text box that asks the learner to learn more about what constitutes ethical and unethical behavior. Under the text box, the “Continue” button is shown as green, but changes to red when hovered over.

The next screen provides instructions in four text boxes labelled:
1. There are four games. You will be allowed only one wrong attempt
2. Maximum time allowed to solve one round is only 1 minute.
3. Failing to complete the round in 1 minute will give you a zero score in that round.

4. Your overall scores will be displayed once you complete all games.

All the text, colors, and sound effects can be altered to fit any branding.

To continue, the user must click on the Game Mode button. As the user rolls over the Game Mode, a medallic slicing sound plays, and the button changes from green to orange. The next screen shows a Level Menu that asks the user to select the level to launch the activities within.

Each category of activity is split into “Beat the Clock” or “Liar, Liar”. “Beat the Clock” has a subset of two levels, “Chatty Neighbors” and Commute Dilemma”, while “Liar, Liar” has a subset of two levels labeled, “Spot the Red Flags” and “Find the Words”. In this sample, the user is only able to complete three levels.

Similar to the main scenario, each level showcases a mixture of realistic characters and surrounding sounds. To begin, “Beat the Clock”, the user is presented with a situation that they are on their way to work and need to make it there on time. A chatty neighbor appears and wants to talk. The user is presented with four multiple choice options. Upon selecting the right answer, the user is awarded 20 points, told their choice will get them to work on time, and asked to continue. Once the level ends, the user is returned to the main Level Menu to continue the remaining activities.

This online eLearning template provides the opportunity for instructional designers to provide detailed storytelling. As such, “Ethics at the Workplace” is a perfect template for industries that involve interactions between employees, such as retail, insurance, education, engineering, IT (information technology), finance, construction, accounting, and many more. The story can be adapted to any situation that may occur in the workplace that would benefit from visual storytelling.

Contact our partner, Tesseract to learn more about how you can adapt this template.