COVID-19 Stay at Home Crossword Puzzle

A classic crossword created in Claro.

This game-based crossword puzzle, created in Claro, uses dominKnow | ONE’s built-in text entry feature for each letter as you solve the clues.

The puzzle starts with instructions to complete the crossword puzzle on the next page and to click the orange start button to begin. Once the user clicks on the start button puzzle slides into view. The user is asked to “Select a square to see a clue.” Asterix notes indicate to use lower case letters to answer the puzzle. If the user is unable to guess correctly, there is an answer key option in the form of a navy-blue circle button in the bottom right corner of the screen. The color and shape of the buttons can be completely customised upon downloading the template in the dominKnow | ONE Marketplace.

When the user clicks on the navy-blue key button, a blue or orange circle with a question mark appears to indicate the answer. The answer appears in a box that points to the corresponding question mark. The question marks can be made according to brand colors.

In this online eLearning template, orange signifies the answer for across and blue corresponds to the answer for down.

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This sample is available as a template in dominKnow | ONE.
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Just like a regular crossword puzzle, there are clues to help the user fill in the blank answers. Once the user clicks on the number in the square clues appear. In some instances, there are overlapping answers for the same number. For example, the first clue has one answer going down and another going across, as the answer shares the same first cell. The clues are a mix of fill in the blank style and some are straight answers from a question.

When creating a crossword, use a variety of clue types to engage the learner, such as:
- Fill in the blank in a sentence
- A word that has the same meaning
- A word that has the opposite meaning
- A pun
- A full descriptive sentence
- Abbreviations
- A phrase with a question mark (usually indicates the clue is a play on words)

To complete the puzzle, select a numbered square for the clue, then type in each letter, of the answer one-by-one. Use lower case letters to answer each clue.  

Filling in an answer can be done two ways:  
1. Use of the tab key after each letter is entered with the use of a keyboard
2. Use a mouse to point to each white square

Upon completing the puzzle, click the orange Submit button to see the final results. When the user clicks on the Submit button, they are shown a message depending on their progress.

Additionally, if any of the answers are incorrect, clicking the Submit button will reveal several previously hidden elements: a red outline around each incorrect word, a try-again message, and a Retry button, which looks like a reload icon.

Upon completing the puzzle, the user is presented with an encouraging message and given the option in the form of two circle buttons with the message to “Exit” or “Play Again”.

Explore the sample further in this blog post. Get by step-by-step details on how to create a crossword in this dominKnow | ONE Community article.  

Download the template for yourself in dominknow Marketplace.