Code of Conduct Annual Certification

A Claro-based course with custom navigation. Available in English with audio and in Spanish without audio.

This sample uses a scenario basis for re-imagining the typical Code of Conduct course.

The characters are from our built-in People Collection of stock photos. Transitions between character poses and expressions bring a sense of life and emotion to the scenario.

The characters are presented as co-learners taking the same learning journey as the actual learner taking the course.

Using characters as co-learners provides context and other critical framing of information for the actual learners, increasing engagement and helping create meaningful value for the content.

In the English version the characters have voice over audio narration provided by our talented voice over partners, Miranda Botha and Mike Cooper.

Instead of using a standard navigation bar with Next and Back buttons, the learner works through the content using on-page trigger actions.

Completion status is shown using a custom completion status bar at the bottom of the pages.

Because of the compliance nature of the content, several pages require the learner to complete an activity before they can advance.

This example has also been translated into Spanish using dominKnow | ONE's built-in translation workflow using translation text provided by Local Concept. The Spanish version does not include voice over audio.

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