Capture in Action

A sample created using Capture, dominKnow | ONE’s feature for software lessons

This sample shows the same Capture lesson deployed as a Show Me, a Try Me, Guide Me, Practice Test and a scored Test question.

With Capture you can easily record the steps to carry out a software task, edit the captured steps and publish the lesson once to dominKnow | ONE. A simple one-click action by the author tells the lesson how to behave.

Lessons can be easily re-used and set to behave differently depending on context and learning need. You can introduce the task with a Show Me, give the learner practice later with a Try Me then assess their knowledge with a scored Test. And once they're on the job you can provide performance support with the Guide Me.

Capture creates HTML5-based lessons that are responsive to help adapt to the best display option based on the learner’s screen width.

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This sample is available as a template in dominKnow | ONE.
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