Create Accessible eLearning that Meets all Learners Needs

dominKnow supports Section 508, WCAG 2.0 Level AA, and WAI-ARIA compliance so that you can ensure your eLearning content is accessible and compliant.

Demo comes with FREE 14-day trial and no software to install.

Remove barriers and meet industry accessibility guidelines

dominKnow delivers on accessibility and meets all guidelines for WAI-ARIA, WCAG AA Level 2.0, and 508 Compliance.

eLearning Accessibility and Compliance

Accessibility done right

Author accessible eLearning that can be taken by anyone regardless of disability or assistive technology.  dominKnow provides accessibility features that ensure your learners get the experience they need and deserve.

Text and Focus
Add additional supportive accessibility text, where focus can be enabled or disabled.

Language ID for Screen Readers
Works with JAWS and other leading accessibility software and devices.

Add complete page audio/video transcripts to courses

Closed Captioning
Show, hide and toggle closed captions.

WCAG compliant themes
Choose from multiple WCAG compliant themes.

eLearning Accessibility and WCAG Compliant