Incorporating Storytelling into Your eLearning with Hadiya Nuriddin

Incorporating Storytelling into Your eLearning with Hadiya Nuriddin
March 2, 2021
5 minutes
Incorporating Storytelling into Your eLearning with Hadiya Nuriddin

Storytelling is one way to facilitate connections for learners. But how do you find stories and how do you use them to support learning? And how do you use them in your eLearning?

StoryTraining is a concept created by our guest in this episode. Hadiya Nuriddin spoke with us about how to unearth useful stories and deliver them to help learners understand new content, ideas, and behaviors.

Storytelling has been an increasingly popular topic over the years and Hadiya helped the IDIODC community see how we can continue to evolve our training with stories. Hadiya is a master at this process which is why we asked her to lead this conversation on this episode.

This session chat was filled with great comments and here’s a few:

“A lot of times the story is the easy part to craft. The background and character development to fit "in" that story often becomes the challenge.” - Kevin Thorn

“Story telling allows us to create connections to create a larger whole. The frame work of the story connects the parts but the personal aspects create the meaning.” - Richard Palmer

“Common Story Structure I use 1. Ordinary World (current skill level) 2. Opportunity for Growth (skill level needed) 3. First Challenge (practice new skill) 4. Harder Challenges (application of new skill at levels of increasing difficulty) 5. Lesson Learned (new skill attained)” - Kim Whiteside

To see all the comments from the chat, check out the full session right here.  

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About Hadiya Nuriddin

Hadiya Nuriddin is the owner of Duets Learning. She has nearly 20 years' experience in learning and development. She specializes in instructional design and development for both corporate and academic environments. She has extensive experience in designing, developing, and delivering both technical and professional development courses. She also designs and develops eLearning courses. Hadiya is the author of the book StoryTraining: Selecting and Shaping Stories That Connect. Hadiya has an MEd in curriculum design, an MA in writing, and a BA in English. She holds the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP).


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