Creating Learner Personas for Better eLearning Experiences with Bianca Baumann

Creating Learner Personas for Better eLearning Experiences with Bianca Baumann
March 16, 2021
4 minutes
Creating Learner Personas for Better eLearning Experiences with Bianca Baumann

As a corporate training professional it's important to know your learners and understand their work, context, and needs.  

Yeah, duh, right?

Maybe, but did anyone ever teach you how to do that when your audience numbers are in the hundreds, thousands, or maybe tens of thousands? Maybe someone showed you early in your career, or maybe you've come from a marketing background or environment.  If so, you've probably heard about User Personas.

Marketers have been using personas for decades to draw a picture of an ideal buyer in order to push the right content at the right time. Instructional designers can use this same approach to create eLearning that is more appropriate for that specific audience.

Our guest Bianca Baumann returned for her third appearance on Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee #IDIODC. This time we explored her use of learner personas to see how they can be applied in our learning solutions.

There are a lot of reasons why LPs are important and how they can be used in different situations.  

And here’s a couple moments from the chat room:

“An ah-ha moment: With cognitive load: I can use LPs (Learner Personas) when creating the connection to prior knowledge.” - Kim W

“Example of "how they feel" impacting content: I designed a sexual harassment piece targeting people who had been charged with it as part of remediation, and I took an approach that was different from what I would use for an orientation because of the complex feelings (guilt, resistance, bias) that might need to be addressed.” - Mitch

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About Bianca Baumann

Bianca Baumann is a Senior Learning Strategist and Director, Learning Experience at GP Strategies, Global Innovation, Research & Development. Over time, she has developed processes and methodologies to help organizations meet their growth and revenue targets with the help of innovative L&D approaches, including digital transformations, onboarding and reskilling programs. She has spearheaded multiple projects in the marketing, automotive, financial and events industries, creating award-winning programs along the way. She shares her expertise in her blog and at global conferences, highlighting the importance of including disciplines outside L&D to help organizations build the workforce of the future. She teaches courses as part of the Learning Experience Design Certificate at OISE and published the eBook “The Little Black Book of Marketing and L&D”, a practical guide that helps integrate proven marketing techniques into L&D.


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