Single-source Authoring 

Whatever you need to create. From one source. All in one place.

√   Online courses for your LMS

√   Responsive job aids for any device

√   Software sims for performance support

√   Document-based training guides

Author in the mode that best fits the learning need

All authoring modes allow team members to work together in real-time, share content across any project, and quickly bring in subject matter experts for content review.


Flow outputs fully responsive and adaptive content so you don't have to worry about specific devices or multiple versions of the same content.

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Claro courses are designed for fixed layout eLearning, but are HTML-5 based and scalable for viewing on desktop computers as well as mobile devices

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Use Capture to create cross-platform, software simulations for stand alone use or integration with other learning content.

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Authoring uncompromised

All the features you need to create engaging, media rich learning experiences are built-in. Customizable testing, flexible interactions and animation creation, advanced variables, branching, audio/video recording, software simulations, system and author defined templates and much more!

Real-time collaboration

Team members can collaborate in real time using built-in design and tracking tools — easily sharing resources, co-authoring content, and getting feedback from content reviewers

Quickly see who is working on what content
Know who else is online
Track who has been working on content

Sharing and reuse

All project assets are stored in one central location so anyone on the development team (no matter where they are located) can quickly access, re-purpose, or re-use content.

Streamlined review

dominKnow's built-in, streamlined review process means you can get feedback from anyone, no matter where they are located or what device they use. Simply email them a link and they are good to go. Comments are logged and tracked and available to the entire development team for action.

Invite reviewers to any project
Reviewers quickly add comments to discussion
Track completion status of all review notes