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With Claro we can have several authors contributing content from anywhere in the world. The content can be easily updated and re-used as necessary - reducing our development cost and speeding our time-to-market.

Russ Engoran, VP and Director of eLearning, Digital Media Training


While being a fully HTML5 compliant elearning authoring tool since inception was certainly a revelation to the industry, what makes Claro truly unique is our ability to rapidly introduce new features and respond to customer requests in no-time-flat. Because Claro is cloud-based, users always have the best, most up-to-date content authoring platform at their fingertips. Check out the highlights and release notes using the links on the left.

  • People Browser

    In addition to thousands of royalty free clipart, symbols and speech bubbles, Claro ships with a library of 30 characters with over 60 poses and 3 different dress styles for each pose.

  • Multi-lingual Support of International Users

    Claro now comes in a variety of languages. There are more and more languages (including Right to Left languages like Arabic) added to the Course Player with every release and the entire Claro authoring UI is available in 60+ languages (as a beta feature) for workgroup and enterprise customers.

  • Templates

    Claro users have access to 100's of fully editable interactive elearning and mlearning templates to jump-start their project and get the creative ideas flowing. And we're always adding more!

  • On Device Review

    With Claro, content collaborators can review AND provide feedback on course content directly on the devices they are targeting - be it smartphone, tablet or desktop.

  • Actions & Animations

    Claro's animation and events framework allows you to create an unlimited number of user or time driven interactions on any page. Authors can easily add multiple actions as well as timed events that enable you to present content however you desire.

  • Reusable Content

    Content objects and media elements that are reusable and updatable across any learning program save time and ensure your material is always accurate and up-to-date. Copy pages and questions from one course to another or share learning objects with any project.

  • Translation Export and Import

    Translation export and import provides you with a workflow for translating your courses. Content can be exported for translation, then imported back into Claro to create a new yet related version of the course in another language or locale.

  • Theme Designer

    Theme Designer is a new way to author the design and player experience for your course/content. This release of Theme Designer is a preview release (Beta) that we've made available for any interested developers to use.

Ease of use

Claro has a lot of things in one place, but a big learning curve ISN'T one of them. Anyone familiar with common office tools will find Claro easy to navigate and will feel like an authoring champion in no time.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Claro's keyboard shortcuts save you valuable time - and let you give your mouse a rest!

  • Advanced layout capabilities

    Claro continues to redefine ease-of-creation by introducing several enhanced layout features such as smart layout guides, auto alignment, and smart select and deselect.

  • Templates

    We've compiled a short video that provides an overview of Claro's template feature. Use templates to get a quick start to developing interactive eLearning and mlearning content for desktops, smart phones or tablets.

  • Context Tabs

    Claro's interface stays clean and uncluttered by providing you access to many features ONLY when you need them through context tabs.

  • Undo/Redo by page

    Claro takes undo to the next level with the ability to undo multiple actions per individual page. Change your mind on a previous page? No problem, you can go back and undo actions without affecting other pages.

  • Notes and transcripts

    When you're ready to publish a course, you can choose to include page transcripts or page notes. Learners can view the Page Transcripts using the Transcript button on the navigation bar.


Claro has a long list of features to help you make your learning content engaging and interactive. It's all HTML5, so the same interactions work on tablets just as well as laptop browsers - and since it's all wizard-based, you don't have to learn a lick of code.

  • Page transitions

    Page transitions add motion and fluidity to your course content. Claro has several built-in HTML5 compliant transitions, including slide in and out, fade, pop and more.

  • Layers

    Layers help you organize and edit complex pages easily and quickly. Show and hide layers, and lock them down once you're ready to prevent inadvertent changes.

  • Actions and triggers

    Go beyond template-only learning experiences with Claro's easy-to-use wizards for creating your own custom user-initiated actions and events. No programming required!

  • Html widgets

    Insert HTML as reusable content widgets directly on any page. Access the Claro course player API to enable interaction of widgets with content playback - control navigation, get user scores and progress, set variables, and more.

  • Media syncing and animation

    Authors can add timed events to audio or video, such as showing and hiding images, text panels and more. Claro is an action-based system - authors don't have to waste time with complex timelines. Just add your event, select the timing and you're done.

  • Image effects

    Authors can quickly add design borders and effects to images. All of the effects work across all popular modern browsers.

  • Branching

    Claro's simple Page linking wizard means you can create any course flow experience you want. Lose the forward button altogether!

  • Hotspots

    Make almost any interactive page you can dream of using Claro's hotspot wizards. You don't need Flash and you don't need to be a programmer!

  • Buttons

    Adding events has never been easier than with buttons. A wide variety of prebuilt buttons with assortment of colors is now available. It's a snap to add a button and link to any number of events.

  • Image maps

    Need square, circular or polygonal hotspots for an image? Claro's programming-free wizard takes care of all the hard work.

  • Glossaries

    Glossaries can be added to any course. They are easy to add, modify and reuse. Just highlight the text and click the Add Glossary button to give your course easy to review definitions.

  • Resources

    Authors can easily add resources (attached files) to a course that are downloadable by the student. You can add resources directly to the course or simply link them to a page and they become available in the resource library. Of course, like so many things in Claro, they are reusable!

  • References

    The reference feature allows authors to cite specific sources and show these as numbered and linked notes on the page. The References feature automatically formats source information based on the type of source (book, journal article, website, etc.) being cited.


Claro has a robust set of assessment features that are both powerful AND easy to use. Test questions can be as simple or complex as you need, meaning you can assess as close to the real world context as possible.

  • WYSIWYG layouts

    Test questions are quick and easy in Claro. Deliver random questions from test question banks, and create pre- and post-tests without doubling up your effort.

  • Reusable and customizable

    Copy test questions from one course to another, then easily alter them for the different context. Fast AND simple!

  • Freeform design

    Customize and alter Claro test questions to your heart's content. Easily add audio, video or image files or even add buttons and hotspots. Claro test questions go beyond templates.

  • Question randomization

    Claro's question randomization features allow you to randomly select the test questions for every individual learner. Build banks of questions for every topic in a course, then tell Claro how to use them.

  • Test behavior controls

    Easily configure how a test will behave for a learner, from providing instant feedback to controlling test review options and more. Choose to have pre-testing as well!

  • Customizable feedback

    Claro's customizable feedback options let you provide the feedback your learners need. Feedback can be defined for the course, specific question as well as individually per question choice.

  • Drag and Drop Test Questions

    Claro includes a unique and easy to author Drag and Drop test question workflow, no programming required. This is in addition to the many standard and easy to author question types already supported.

  • Test Only Courses

    Need to make an existing course assessment available to your learners or just need to publish a quick assessment. Claro has you covered on all fronts with our "Test Only Only" feature.

  • Review / Practice Questions

    Practice test questions (knowledge checks) enable you to quickly create exercises for your leaners using the same test questions and options you are already familiar with. Learners can take these questions, try multiple times, get hints, be forced to get it right before moving on and more.

  • Test Question Import

    Using the new test question import feature authors now have a quick way to import questions into a course, module or learning object. Much like everything else in Claro once imported these questions can be shared and reused throughout your organization.

  • Course-level Test Question Feedback

    It's now easier to set standard test question feedback for Correct, Incorrect and Partially Correct responses at a course level. Individual questions can still be changed as needed, giving you the best of both options.


Claro's advantages really shine through for teams that need to work together. Being web-based means content isn't spread across hard drives and server folders - it's always all in one place. Bring in team members and give them the content access they need to get the job done.

  • User and Role Management

    Give access to your content based on need. Administrative authors can work on all content, Authors are limited to specific projects, and Reviewers can provide feedback but not make changes.

  • Reusable content

    Share completed topics (including associated test questions) across multiple courses AND keep them synchronized for content updates.

  • On device realtime preview

    Pop open Claro's On-Device preview at any time when building a course, and see it immediately on your tablet or smartphone.

  • Centralized sharable media asset library

    Claro's central Media Library tracks all media files in every course you make, allowing you to make updates in multiple courses in one easy process.

  • Integrated review workflow

    Claro's Review process makes it easy to bring in your SMEs and other stakeholders to get feedback on any project. Claro compiles all comments and gives you a workflow for tracking their resolution.

  • Project and category organization

    Claro Workgroup and Enterprise users can keep projects and teams grouped and content easy to retrieve while working together with user-definable Project and Category classifications as well as a Type classification.

Everything in one place

Claro has a suite of built-in tools to help you get your projects completed quickly and conveniently and reduce your reliance on other tools along the way. That means costs-savings!

  • Stock libraries

    Claro has a rich library of stock images for people, speech bubbles, symbols, and clipart - included at no additional cost. The libraries include powerful and fast image filtering to make it easy to find and insert the images you need.

  • People browser

    Claro includes a library of more than 30 characters you can use in any course. Each character comes in more than 100 poses, gestures and facial expressions. The photo-based characters are available in three different clothing styles for each pose!

  • Screen recording and capture

    Save time and money by using Claro's built-in tools for still-image screen captures and screen video recordings.

  • Image editing

    Rotate, re-size, crop, make color changes and more, right within Claro. No need to waste time uploading edited files!

  • Narration and web cam recording

    Capture audio and video to include in your course right within Claro. Then add in timed events to control other on-screen elements like text or images to create the multimedia experience your learners deserve.

  • Desktop meeting and scheduler

    Claro's desktop sharing includes a built-in meeting manager. Schedule meetings with your SMEs to discuss content issues - and share your Claro workspace to make the discussion clearer.

Use what you already have

Claro is great for starting off with the content you've already created and gathered. Connect with other content sources in a hurry - and deliver it all together in a single course!

  • PowerPoint import

    Using existing PowerPoint content is a great way to start your eLearning or mLearning development project. The imported PPT is fully editable in Claro. Massage content, add new interactive pages and export as HTML5 content.

  • Bulk load existing libraries

    Zip up your assets and get them loaded into Claro's Media Library quickly and easily. Tag your files for searchability and away you go!

  • Integration with online services

    Easily link content from other web sources like Vimeo, YouTube or streaming servers into your courses. Your learners never leave the page, and you get great media delivery options to boot.


We like you, we really like you! Claro is easy to use and easy to get started, but eventually everyone has a question or two. We've made it easy for you to get the answers you need, when you need them. And we really do listen to what you want Claro to do next

  • Help desk built in

    Claro's Support team is only a click away. Ask questions and get the help you need.

  • Feedback integrated

    Help us make Claro better by telling us what you'd like it to do, or vote on other Claro users' ideas. Our feedback forum helps directly drive our product feature plans.

  • Knowledgebase built in

    The answers to just about every Claro question are built right in. Do a quick search and we'll help you find what you need to know.

  • Training and Tutorials built in

    The Claro YouTube channel is a great resource for videos to help you get started, and learn about new feature releases.


Make your content once in Claro, publish it, and deliver it in any number of ways. Upload to your LMS. Or not. You decide. Claro can help you either way.

  • HTML5

    Make content once and stop worrying about what device or platform your learners are going to use. Claro courses are HTML5-compliant, and also include roll-backs for older browsers like IE7 and IE6.

  • SCORM 1.2/2004

    Track what you need, how you need it. Claro supports the full range of current SCORM editions, helping you track the data you need in your LMS.

  • TinCan

    Claro is one of the earliest adopters of the TinCan API (experience API xAPI), the newest edition of SCORM. TinCan will allow you to track data in ways you haven't even thought of yet.

  • AICC

    If SCORM isn't what you need, Claro is also AICC-compliant.

  • PENS

    PENS compliance allows us to publish courses directly to your PENS-compliant LMS. Save the time and frustration of downloading and uploading!

  • WEB

    Publish content to be hosted on any web server location, without an LMS. Great for creating just-in time training or performance support tools.

  • Desktop Player

    Take a course on a CD or shared network drive. The desktop player allows courses to be played on a Windows based machine, no browser required!

  • Publishing Profiles

    You no longer need to remember how each course should be published when using our new profiles option. You can add as many profiles as you wish to configure and organize your publishing settings the way you want.